Time-related support up to a stable business process

This support should not be seen as a permanent institution. Rather, the ongoing support must be transferred to a group that ideally consists of key users from the specialist departments and the company’s internal IT department. In the course of setting up the support function, this is what is most important:

  • Transfer the complete project documentation (business concepts, technical design concepts, role and authorization concepts, training documents, further information) to the support group.
  • To impart the complete project know-how
  • Define a complete list of support packages, always keeping a clear separation between first and second level tasks.
  • Define transparent communication and escalation channels with the implementation partner, the ERP provider, and enterprise management.

We support you in setting up and structuring the content of support functions and ensure that:

  • routine tasks can be quickly transferred into control processes (e.g. authorization, training of new ERP users, creation of user master data, etc.)
  • User problems (in dealing with the new system) are clearly separated from application problems (e.g. still existing design gaps).
  • effective solutions are established and pursued (e.g. Delta training courses or supplementary training materials)
  • IT basic tasks (e.g. data backup and archiving, network and desktop tasks) remain clearly separated from content ERP support functions.