Workshop/training topics: Supply Chain Management – General Topics (5 days)

1. Rearrangements

  • Stock transfers with shipping functionality
    • Intra-company-code stock transfer
    • Cross-company-code stock transfer
    • Plant to plant using outbound and inbound deliveries
    • Picking and packing
  • Differences between one-step and two-step procedures
  • Determination of inbound and outbound delivery parameters
  • Automatic account determination
    • Valuation modification constant
    • Valuation area
    • Influence of posting area and valuation area

2. Handling Unit Management

  • Basic Functions of HU Management
  • Packaging as a basic function of HU Management
  • Procurement process with HU’s
  • Sales processes with HU’s

3. Transport

  • Control of transports
    • Organizational units
    • Transport Types and Transport Relevance
    • Individual/collective transport
    • Sections
    • Planning profiles
    • Freight cost processing and calculation

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